A great way of communing with nature is to go fishing.

Fishing helps us release tension and reconnects us with our inner selves, elements which we are steadily losing in our frenetic lives. The flow of water, its bubbling sound, its “scent” resonate with that part of us that harks back to an earlier era. Fishing is an experience which at the end of the day puts us in a much better frame of mind.

In my opinion, a day well spent is one where we can live this experience, not just on our own but with friends, preferably other like-minded anglers, who share our respect for the “River Spirit”, its inhabitants and its fish, and who have no wish whatsoever to indulge in “slaughter” of the river’s denizens.

If you’re fortunate enough to go fishing with Ferdinando Rodino Dal Pozzo D’Annone, you’ll surely find that fishing adventures based on “wit” and fun, are – in my experience – the rule and not the exception.

Ferdinando is an excellent fly-fisher and is always ready to offer technical advice as well as remarks and observations about nature, He organises fishing trips to splendid locations and the fish are equally splendid though not necessarily easy to catch.

When fly fishing, and I’m referring to the use of dry flies, catching a fish is never down to pure chance; it’s the result of reasoning associated with observations of the insects flying low over the water, how they hatch, the climate, cloudiness, temperature…. Whatever the subject, you can discuss it with Ferdinando, to optimise your choice of which fly to use to catch a certain fish. Something which can never be taken for granted.

None of us likes to show off; nobody tries to outshine anyone else and everything is in harmony: anglers and the River. This is the best way to enjoy what nature offers. If at the end of the day you hook a fish, you land it in your net and maybe you let it go, that’s what it’s all about. You tip-toe to the river, try to glimpse and understand what the river is telling us. Ferdinando doesn’t skimp on recommendations but he never preaches with that certainty so typical of those who “know best”; he simply wishes to share his experience and the joy of fishing and to have fun with friends.

Flavio Cattaneo Vianello