Find out who we are

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Ferdinando Rodino Dal Pozzo D’Annone and this project, named FLY FISHERS ITALY, is the fruit of my experience and passion for flyfishing.

I grew up in England, where I still live. I have worked as a professional hunter and angler both in Africa and Europe. I have now decided to promote Italy as an excellent flyfishing alternative for all those who not only share my passion for fishing and for unspoiled nature, but who also derive immense pleasure from spending time next to rivers, streams and alpine lakes in a natural world which is truly unique. We offer an unforgettable flyfishing experience combined with a typical Italian hearty welcome and the famous dolce vita.

As a professional hunter and angler, I’ve been able to spend much of my life travelling and I’ve had the chance to fish in many countries. However, of all the places I’ve visited, Italy is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous, with such a variety of lovely landscapes allowing for a varied selection of one-of-a-kind experiences. Though each region of Italy is different, what they are all share is immense beauty.

Also consider that your experience in Italy will be further enhanced by Italians’ generosity and eagerness to help; the country offers excellent products and services in so many areas and unrivalled standards in terms of hospitality.

All this induced me to combine the art of fishing with the art of dolce vita. You will visit uniquely special locations in an area boasting a wealth of nature, history, heritage and culture, to say nothing of its unsurpassed tradition of winegrowing and outstanding cuisine.

ferdinando rodino dal pozzo dannone

Unspoiled nature, wonderful trout, friends to share your passion with, unforgettable moments, great food and first-rate wine: what more could you ask for? So, see you soon!

Ferdinando, “Ferdy” to his friends, has always been considered an outstanding professional, both amongst his clients and work colleagues.

Ferdy grew up in the Berkshire countryside in the south east of England; he is still resident in England, in Sussex. He has however spent a great deal of time in the Italian Alps, a region with which he is very familiar. 

This English perspective acquired during his childhood and adolescence increasingly led him to seek out the most authentic natural destinations and environments. He has been a passionate hunter and angler ever since he was young and amongst his ancestors, he can count several expert hunters and fly fishers. Some of these men, together with the great Charles Ritz, were the founders of the legendary “Fario Club” which is still going strong. 

Encouraged by his friends and his love of the great outdoors, he became a successful outfitter for hunting and fishing adventures, working as a professional hunter and fishing guide in Africa and Europe and sharing his love for nature and sport with friends and clients from all over the world. 

He gained vast experience during these years spent working and travelling and visited some of the most remote, captivating places in the world, becoming a highly-skilled, dependable professional.