If you need it, you can rent fishing gear, waders, thigh waders, boots, fishing rod, reel, from us and these will be included in the costs.

For specific information on the various fishing areas and the necessary tackle, please contact us directly and we will be glad to provide our recommendations.

With our packages you can choose to spend either half a day fishing or the entire day; we take care of daily permits and state permits freeing you of all worries relating to your stay. We provide you with an all-exclusive tailor-made fishing package.

Here’s some useful advice about which flies to bring, bearing in mind that it is always advisable to “read the stream” or the stretch of water where you fish and to consider the insects flying at that time above the water and the surrounding area.

Sticking to classic flies, here is a short list of types of dry, wet and nymph flies which should never be missing from our fly boxes.

Iron Blue Dun, Red Spinner, Brown Bivisible and Sedges in general and specifically during the summer; particularly useful at dusk.

We also recommend March Brown, above all at the start of the fishing season.

During the period between July and October you might have success using a Brown Sedge, whilst between May and June our advice is to use a Black Gnat whilst a Cock-y-Bondu is one of the best solutions between June and October.

iron blue dun parachute 2

Iron Blue Dun

brown bivisible 2

Brown Bivisible

red spinner bl 2

Red Spinner

brown sedge 2

Brown Sedge

For the period between March and May and between September and October, Blu Dun is also amongst the recommended flies to have ready in your jacket.

And don’t forget to bring a few nymphs such as Pheasant Tail Classic, Prince Nymph Chocker, GR Hare’s Ear or Peacock Pheasant Tail which are always efficient.

pheasant tail classic 2

Pheasant Tail Classic

prince nymph red choker 2

Prince Nymph Chocker

gr hares ear 1

GR Hare’s Ear

peacock pheasant tail 2

Peacock Pheasant Tail

Talking of nymphs, your basic requirements are Plecotteri nymphs which usually get results when aiming to catch trout and grayling, without forgetting several weighted nymphs.

March Brown, Butcher, Sniper and Purple, as well as Partridge and Orange are classic wet flies which might prove to be successful in our pure mountain waters and in the proximity of waterfalls and rapids.

For grayling, undoubtedly one of the most sought-after fish by our guests, our advice is to go for small flies and to make sure that your fly box contains some Black Sedge, Black Midge and Iron Midge as well as the classic grayling flies such as the Grayling Witch and Red Tag.




blue dun 2

Blue Dun

march brown 12

March Brown

cdc dry pale olive 2

Pale Olive


cairns fancy

Cairn’s Fancy

wickhams fancy

Wickam’s Fancy

blue dun 2

Blue Dun


send fly

Send Fly

teal drake

Teal Drake

grouse and peacock

Grouse and Peacock


black gnat

Black Gnat

black spinner

Black Spinner

little dark spinner

Little Dark Spinner


hard body red ant formica 3

Red Ant

Blea and Hares Ear

Blea and Hare’s Ear

red palmer

Red Palmer

August and September

black spider 7

Black Spider


Price Charlie

august dun

August Dun



blue dun 2

Blue Dun

iron blue dun parachute 2

Iron Blue

Hares Ear and Gold

Hare’s Ear and Gold


hoflands fancy

Hofland’s Fancy

black ant

Black Ant

silver sedge

Silver Sedge

June – July

pale olive

Pale Olive

orange sedge

Orange Sedge

wickhams fancy

Wickham’s Fancy

August and September

olive dun

Olive Dun

red quill

Red Quill

cinnamon quill

Cinnamon Quill